Current Trials

Current Trials

MCRC is working on a range of different trials exploring various clinical conditions across different specialties. Trial design varies depending on the goals, requirements, timeframes and budgets of different licenced producers (LPs).

Below is an example of a small number of trials being conducted on behalf of our clients.

Driving Safety

  • “A randomised Controlled Trial Investigating the effect of high CBD Low dose THC versus placebo on driving performance, sedation and mood
  • A RCT assessing the cognitive and motor abilities of healthy subjects on a specific LP’s product when used in simulated driving test.

Open-label study

  • Prospective, Open Label Study Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Routine Administration of Medicinal Cannabis
  • An open label study of three of a LPs products and their safety and efficacy in clinical use, with a focus on long-term safety, effectiveness and usage patterns

Inflammation and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

  • A placebo-controlled trial with parallel arms investigating the effect of a proprietary CBD on functional recovery and inflammatory markers after eccentric exercise activity.
  • The results from this study will have an impact on a large proportion of the population, with for use in recreational and professional activities such as sport.

Cannabis Misuse Disorder

  • Adaptive trial of Cannabidiol (CBD) for depression and sleep in the setting of Cannabis Misuse Disorder
  • The study aim is to demonstrate that CBD reduces cravings and drug use in people seeking to reduce their drug dependence, improves mood and quality of life, thinking and task performance and simulated driving

Smoking Cessation

  • A double-blind, parallel arm, randomised, placebo-controlled, proof of concept trial on the efficacy of CBD for smoking cessation
  • To assess the efficacy of CBD in reducing cigarette consumption compared to placebo

Joint Mobility

  • The effects of low and high dose CBD on limited joint mobility and range of movement in knee osteoarthritis compared to placebo
  • To assess knee pain, knee stiffness, knee range of movement


  • A randomised controlled trial examining the efficacy of CBD for reducing symptoms of anxiety vs placebo
  • To evaluate the efficacy of CBD on anxiety symptoms in participants experiencing moderate to severe anxiety.